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Well colour me (and you) happy! The shades of 2020 are in and I’ve taken the hard work out of the shopping. Turns out our local labels and boutiques are bang-on the key colours – so here is what you need to know!

My hearts sings for the bold brights like Flame Scarlet, Classic Blue and Biscay Green but we also see some smart neutrals coming through including Lark, Brilliant White and Ash. Some of the delicious hues ahead require careful consideration on ones skin tone like Cinnamon stick, Orange Peel and Saffron but I have a few tips and tricks to incorporate these key colours into your SS19/20 style.

ORANGE PEEL FEELS – shop the colour at Hendrik Clothing Co and Who Invited Her

ORANGE PEEL can be a touchy shade to pull off (or put on in the first place). There are so many variations of this citrus sensation that I encourage you to try garments on as the slightest difference in shade may be the perfect one for you. Break up the bold statement colour by wearing it in a print. Go get those orange peel feels!

LARK STYLE – shop the colour at Alterior Motif and Before Anyone Else

LARK STYLE is going to be your go-to I- am-too-cool-for-school style in Summer. Its laid back, super versatile and an stylish AF. The informal dictionary term for lark is a person who habitually gets up early and feels energetic early in the day. SOLD – I’m larking life this Summer!

GET THE BLUES – FADED DENIM & MOSAIC BLUE shop the colours at Mikimi Resort Wear and Ella & Sunday

Baby’s got the blues this Summer. Two of my coolest shades this season are FADED DENIM and MOSAIC BLUE. These are must-have colours for every skin tone and body shape. These blues are so wearable and playful in block colour or print. I simply cant help but break into a classic 90’s dance track every time I think about how I’m going to wear this colour!

CLASSIC BLUE – shop the colour at Boom Shankar and Sabali

CLASSIC BLUE – there is no escaping the blues this Spring and Summer and there is plenty to choose from. Did you know blue is a sign of wisdom and intelligence? I may never get out of blue this season.

A SPLASH OF ASH – shop the colour at Sunday Dreaming and Bellissima Noosa

ASH is a colour that screams class and longevity – timeless style. This is a neautral we all have in our wardrobe and you get extra points from me if you team ASH with the next key neutral for the season.

BRILLIANT WHITE – shop the colour at Matilda Cove and Butterscotch Castle

Seriously you guys, you can NEVER go wrong with white and to keep your whites BRILLIANT WHITE this Summer here are a few tips; remove yellow stains by soaking in Polident (or any denture cleaner) overnight and avoid beetroot, red wine, pasta and spray tans when wearing white.

CORAL PINK – shop the colour at Toscani and Boom Shankar

I sea we have some CORAL PINK to play with – this is the most feminine of the Pantone Colour trends of 2020. Soft and floaty and makes me wanna step onto a boaty! This colour is a tropical delight and can be subtly incorporated into your wardrobe with a print or pretty accessories.

BISCAY GREEN – shop the colour at Smolder Bags and Jojo Noosa

Now we are really talking Summer seaside adventures. BISCAY GREEN is a nod to the ocean and a truly cleansing colour to have in our lives. I’m not sure the head-to-toe Biscay Green is a great idea but little accents or cool prints will bring this trending colour to our lives.

SAFFRON – shop this colour at Bow and Arrow Trading and Madame Melanie

Sassy little SAFFRON is a spicy little palette pleaser. It’s a colour that has to be matched to your skin – Saff is not for everyone but because shades of yellow make everyone happy I think we should explore all the yellows for Summer (another song comes to mind) … see SAFFRON makes me sing!

CHIVE – shop the colour at Palm Noosa and Eco Luxe Australia

CHIVE is the new OLIVE is the new versatile khaki that everyone looks ace in. We’ve been rocking the military style jacket and cargos for Winter and now we chase this shade into the sun. It’s worn beautifully in tropical print and as an accent with Brilliant White, Lark and Black but it really should be considered in suiting and formal dressing as it just delightful.

FLAME SCARLET – shop the colour at The Full Feather and The Retro Cloud

And …. for the grand finale I present to you the biggest boldest beast of a colour for 2020 – FLAME SCARLET. A colour that screams confidence and sexiness and fire in ya belly. This should be worn to work and at play and every day you need a pick-me-up. In fact, this colour lipstick is essential for every beauty kit. Wear a flame scarlet suit, dress, shoes, earrings, jacket, swimsuit, scrunchie, scarf, hat, fascinator, bag, pj’s – heck – wear it all at once – there is never enough red! Shine bright like a FLAME SCARLET.

Carlie x

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