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Accessorise Like A Style Star

Do you want to know my cheeky secret to adding a little WOW factor to my daily style? ACCESSORIES

I know – it’s so bloody obvious – but it’s something we are sometimes too rushed to bother with and it’s a simple style tool to improve your self confidence and set the tone for your day.

Earrngs by Shwe Shwe Roots Cork clutch by Eco Luxe Australia

Dress to impress every day (not just on special occasions). Accessories are your best buddies when it comes to expressing your unique style. Jewellery, handbags, scarves, belts and hats should always be included in your daily dressing to make a personal style statement. EVERY DAY is a chance to shine so wear the gorgeous earrings you got to wear to that wedding and use that sequin bag (even during the day – sequins are suitable at any time).

Sequin tote by Smolder Bags

SO, here are my tippity top tips for sassy accessory styling.

TIP 1. Seek pieces with a story to tell (handcrafted, local, preloved). Know the who, what, where! Who made them, what they are made from and where you got them. Accessories are great conversation starters.

Bags That Shine

Bolo Tie by Angela Clark PS: not just for cowboys and rockstars – these rip snorting fashion accessories are so 2020! Angela hand crafts these with Czech firepolished glass beads overstitched with Swarovski crystal marguerites and man made black adjustable lace

TIP 2. Wear one statement piece at a time (eg: if it’s statement earrings ditch the necklace – if it’s a statement necklace wear simple earrings)

Earrings by Adrienne Reid

TIP 3. Every day is a special occasion (don’t save the beautiful pieces – wear them to feel fabulous every day). I am often told that I am dressed up for where I live – just because I live on the Sunshine Coast – doesn’t mean I’m swapping out heels for Havaianas! NO WAY – I’m wearing the fave things to the shops, to the cafe, to the hair salon. Im dressing for ME – not a stereotype.

This is what I wore on Monday to the post office and a meeting! Bangle from Pandanus Culture

TIP 4. Basic outfit = bold accessories (ad vice versa) – for example; if you are keeping it simple with an LBD add the WOW with a statement necklace and killer shoes!

Have a crack at basic black with a statement necklace. This one handcrafted by Lara Argent of Pony Beauty Bar Noosa.

Tip 5: THE 5 P’s (my fave saying of all time – I learnt this in radio sales training but its so relevant to every part of life) – PREPARATION PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE. Lay out the items you want to accessorise with the night before you need to dress. Have accessories ready to wear and then you have no excuse to be UN-ACCESSORIZED!

Create a fashion flatlay or hang all the things you plan to wear the next day.

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