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Turn Back Time with About Faces Noosa

The famous and fabulous Cher once sang” If I Could Turn Back Time”. Her song was one of loss and irreversibility but in 2021 I wish to share with you that I have found a way to turn back time. I’m reversing the skin ageing process one treatment at a time with an extraordinary local skin expert at About Faces Noosa.

Years of carefree fun in the sun has led me to understand why my mother ALWAYS insisted on wearing sunscreen (especially on your face, décolletage and hands). These are the areas to first show the signs of ageing. It is hard to accept that we get older (or is that just me?). Often, we do not feel as old as we are but sometimes that skin reflecting back on us in the mirror is the brutal reminder that age has a way of showing itself and the truth sometimes hurts.

I first started seeing Angie Lamb at About Faces Noosa when I became embarrassed about how darkly pigmented my skin had become around my neck and chest. I was constantly finding ways to cover it up with high neck lines and scarves (not always ideal in our climate). I was covering my face, neck, and chest in foundation to disguise the damage. I was not even sure if there was a way to reverse that damage.

On my first consultation Angie put me on the Visia Skin Analysis machine to identify what she was dealing with. This 3D technology measures your skin pigmentation, wrinkles, texture, pores, vascularity, and age. I am 44 and was honestly a bit shocked to see my skin age was 53 on the right side and 49 on the left.

“When we first looked at your skin I could see a fair amount of sun damage, the pigmentation was letting your skin down. There was some work we could do to improve texture and tone’, Dermal Technician Angie says.

The first thing we did was start me on a daily skin care regime with Ultraceuticals products that I have been on for 4 months now. I now routinely cleanse, tone, apply vitamin serums and a moisturising cream with an SPF.

The first session of pigment and sun damage removal using this state-of-the-art Cutera Laser was easy. A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to prevent discomfort. The laser glides across your skin zapping the pigment – the feeling is best described as a hot flick on your skin. It is slightly uncomfortable on areas with less tissue like the collar bones and nose but it was bearable.

On leaving the salon after the first treatment I felt like I had a bad sunburn on my face and chest but it soon subsided. The following few days I really had to stay out of the sun. The pigment and sun damage darkened in preparation to peel off. I still was able to leave the house (makeup easily covered the darker patches) but I made sure I covered my chest as it was pretty stripey for a few weeks (like tiger stripes). The decolletage requires more work and given that my entire chest was very badly sun damaged I was not expecting any miracles. But I was pleasantly surprised once I looked at before and after and even happier after my second treatment.

Round two of the laser treatments was a bit uncomfortable. Angie mentioned that because we had removed a good amount of sun damage from the first session, we were now getting deeper into the skin because that pigmentation was no longer a barrier. I did have to stop a few times during treatment to have a rest from the zapping machine, but I am so glad I powered through. I can now see a significant improvement in my skin (see the photos). I am still going to have another few treatments to remove more sun damage and improve overall appearance. The great news is that we just did an updated skin analysis on the Visia machine, and my current skin age is 44 on the left and 48 on the right side – I am getting younger people!

Angie is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about skin. She says I need 2 more sessions of limelight to treat the residual pigmentation, but I am so bloody happy so far. Sometimes I must ask her to explain some of the technical speak in language I can understand but the bottom line is that this lady walks the walk and talks the talk. She was so confident that she could do something to improve my skin and she delivered. Her home salon is so beautiful, and her professionalism and skill blew my mind. To have access to this cutting-edge technology and a genius at the wheel is so exciting. There is a way to reverse sun damage and a lady named Angie Lamb who can guide your through the journey to happier, healthier, and younger skin.

“There is a way to reverse sun damage”.

Speak to Angie about the amazing Cutera Laser that can treat the following;

· Sun damage / pigmentation

· Acne scarring

· Enlarged pores

· Irregular skin texture

· Skin Tightening

· Vascular lesions

· Wrinkles

· Hair removal

Article published in IN Noosa Magazine Winter 2021

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