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The World Of Wacker

wacky (adjective):  funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way

Yes – that sums me up!

My wacky 41 years has been full of fabulousness but not void of fear and failure.

Lets start with my childhood. On reflection I was destined to be in the entertainment industry. I was THAT kid in the neighbourhood that spent hours organising the recreational activities; plays, dance routines, concerts, swimming, dress ups, playing marbles, recording songs from the radio or watching Whitney Houston videos. I was the organiser (or some may remember the bossy kid!).


Little Carlie – local kids co-coordinator

I went to 3 different primary schools and 3 different high schools in 4 different states but I always managed to be surrounded by lots of friends and fun. In retrospect, that drive to fit in at every school helped mould me into a very adaptable adult – one who is externally confident in many different situations.

I was constantly performing (both on and off the stage) which is why I once broke my arm so badly that Mum didn’t believe me – it took a Golden Globe deserving monologue to convince her to take me to the doctor ! I was and will always be a drama queen!

My high school years were full of dance classes, rehearsals, rock eisteddfods and musicals. At 16 I travelled the USA with the Inaugural Rock Challenge Tour where we performed off Broadway, at Disneyland and in many high schools. In year 11 I worked the school holidays at Channel 10s Nunawading studios for Bert Newtons New Faces and Healthy Wealthy and Wise. When I finished school I felt I was surely going to become the next big Aussie soapie star. I was a regular extra on Neighbours and did lots of commercials and promotional work but never got my big TV break! While I wasn’t aware at the time that was because the universe had been paving my way for a career in radio.


Rock Challenge Tour of The USA 1992

In the late 90s I was nominated for Best Newcomer On Air – Metro at the Australian Radio Awards. This became the start of almost 20 years travelling Australia as a radio announcer. In the year 2000 a new radio station was launching in Brisbane and I became one of the first announcers on 97.3.

In the mid 2000s, I took a break from being on-air and started selling radio advertising where I was awarded Account manager of the Year for the 2 years I was in the role. That’s where I met my future husband (he was a client and we laugh about how well he was serviced – that’s another blog).

I then spent some time working with one of the most highly regarded PR firms in Brisbane Red PR (now Red Republic) as a Brand Development Manager. I also spent some time running a children’s talent agency and academy.

Some radio folk say , “once you’re in radio you never leave” and this is true for me – I’ve always remained on-air in some capacity. In 2012 we relocated to the Sunshine Coast where I continue to work casually on air at 92.7 Mix FM.

My colleagues have always commented on my personal presentation – best dressed chick in radio! This led to me winning the Style Award at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival in 2016. This was a great honour and has led me on a new fashion journey as Fashion Editor of In Noosa magazine and fashion advocate and commentator in our region. There is a new story forming here and I will keep you all posted with the exciting things I have in the works.


This is one of my fave outfits of the year – sequined Aje dress and Sheike velvet cape

I am 41 and still learning about me and what my worth is.

I know that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to but that my mind can be very manipulative and sometimes destructive.

I know that when you smile the world smiles with you.

I know that personal presentation and powerful communication skills are GOLD!

I know that perfectionism is a ridiculous goal and I probs need to do yoga!

But mostly, I know that I am grateful and the power of this state-of-being overrides fear of failure!



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