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Escape to Aqua Day Spa

Escapism and total luxury is the essence of the Aqua Day Spa experience and, on behalf on the In Noosa Magazine team, I took some time to explore the luxurious offerings of this little oasis in the heart of Hastings Street.

Let’s escape to Aqua Day Spa

As I sashay down the staircase I sense an experience ahead that will be suitable for the worlds rich and famous. There is a certain sense of exclusivity in that staircase that meanders down in to a luxe underground world of beauty and relaxation treatments. It feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street.

On arrival I am greeted by the most welcoming staff in a cavernous style reception area which serves as my gateway into bliss and total escapism.

I am escorted to the transition area (aka change room) where the worries and civilian clothing are left behind to make way for the cloak of bliss (or the supplied day spa robe if you like). This is where every human begins the transition from chaos to calm.

In robe I wait for my therapist in the lounge area – ginger and honey tea in hand and head full of excited anticipation for the moment I get my call up. The relaxation area is just that, quiet and relaxing! Fresh, seasonal fruit platters, chilled water and herbal tea are available and if you have never tried the Aqua Day Spa ginger and honey tea then you simply haven’t lived.

My Noosa skin is dehydrated and ready for some TLC. Ive booked in for the Hydra-Moisture Source facial and my therapist Emma collects me with a ‘Bonjour Carlie’. I am now fully swathed in my escapade – oui oui – I have forgotten where I am and don’t care – that’s right, at this moment I am carefree!

Emma analyses my skin and prepares a treatment specifically for my skin type and concerns. Hydration and anti-ageing are my areas of concern so she has a plan using Thalgo products that will address those issues.

First, a double cleanse, then gentle exfoliation using Thalgo products which use active marine minerals and smell like the ocean – so Noosa!

Then Emma applies a rubber mask. This mask is brushed on thickly covering your entire face except for your nostrils (breathing is important). I was concerned that the rubber mask might dry and take my lashes and eyebrows with it but Emma assured me this was not the case.

While the mask is setting its quiet (I can’t talk through the mask, this may have been the longest I have been quiet in my life), I get a massage and fall asleep. I can recall a hand and arm massage, scalp massage then I was probably snoring (sorry Emma).

Once I am awoken with the gentle removal of the now-set rubber mask I brace for eyelashes to be yanked from my lids but no, the mask comes off in once piece, leaving my assets intact.

Next we escape into a little bliss bomb of face massage. Have you ever had a professional face massage? Holy WOW, the therapists at Aqua Day Spa have this down to a fine art. I know that my face workout will result in me looking younger immediately after this treatment. My face is loving me right now.

Serum, moisturiser applied and the treatment has concluded. My 60 minute facial has left my face feeling fresh and firm and ready to take on the Summer elements ahead.

This little fresh faced 40 something gets to wrap up the experience with a splash in the aquatic therapy area. It’s outdoors but undercover and gives you that feeling of being close to nature. You can indulge in invigorating hydro therapy in the warm water while staring up into the skies of beautiful Noosa. At this moment I am grateful to be alive and to have access to such superb facilities – LA VIE EST BELLE!

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