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Prelude … I once got a tattoo (when I was 19) – a tiny Chinese symbol on my right ankle. I spent my 20’s and 30’s thinking about getting it removed. In my 40’s I can’t be bothered going through the removal so there she stays…..a little reminder of my youth (and that one day my Mum, sister and I got tatts without Dad knowing)!

So when Kim at Ebony Beauty Noosa suggested I try the Feather Touch Tattoo service I was …. not gonna do it!

Its true. I sent a message to Kim explaining I was very nervous about eyebrow tattooing. What if I didn’t like the result? I’d be stuck with eyebrows I hated for the rest of my life. Then I started thinking more about my ‘raging, let’s get tattooed’ late teens and recalled how thick and lustrous my brows once were. Let me take you back;

The almost-monobrow days circa 1994

So now I’m thinking about the old days and the thriving brows and how good it would be to have perfectly manicured eyebrows everyday. I could skip the tinting and shaping sessions every six weeks and live happily ever after in my perfect brow world.

Decision made … big ol’ brows come at me!

On The Day O’ The Brow – I applied the numbing cream one hour before and then again 30 minutes before. Kim took me through a process of measuring each individual eyebrow (no two brows are the same as we are not symmetrical beings), she matched the colour and began the microblading. I felt a scratch (nothing uncomfortable). It’s not an unpleasant experience at all. Microblading feels nothing like getting a tattoo really – its not as deep and the numbing cream works a treat.

I was nervous when Kim handed me a mirror to reveal her handy work. I had been made aware that the brows will be very dark for a few days (and that I may be shocked at first).

The reveal – ahhh relief – I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror. The brows were dark but they have been darker when I have had them tinted before. There is no swelling or discomfort. What I do notice is how ‘perfect’ they look – a little too perfect! I must admit that I was self-conscious for the first two days. Even when I use an eyebrow pencil at home my brows are never this perfect. It took about the first 48 hours to get used to it but they did tone down and today they are looking natural . I will need to have a touch up in 6 weeks but nothing after that as it lasts anywhere from 12 – 18 months. Check the brows out!!!

Before and after Feather-Touch Brow tattoo

Conclusion … you should seriously consider getting Feather-Touch Brows if ;

  1. your brows are sparse

  2. you’re way too busy to think about your brows

  3. you’re not good at using a brow kit or pencil

  4. you’re active (your brows wont smudge or rub off in the pool or surf)

For those of you on the Sunshine Coast, I recommend Kim at Ebony Beauty Noosa.

Cost: $500 including consultation, threading and colour matching appointment, Microblade appointment and 6 week touch up.

***Mention this blog for a 10% discount

Please leave comments and recommendations for great Feather-Touch Brow Tattoo Specialists in other regions. 

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