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Be Her Freedom

WE ARE FREE to party!

The Be Hers movement put on a gorgeous afternoon soiree today – a boho inspired picnic at a stunning Palmwoods property named “Elkannah”. We drank sparking wine, laughed and giggled with our girlfriends, revisited our childhood with face painting, made flower crowns and adorned our bodies with henna, glitter and temporary tattoos. There were awesome musicians and entertainers and the food was fab!

Here are some photos from a sensational event!



Some people will never know this fun and will never know freedom unless we do something really important … we HELP them.

Human trafficking is real and is growing – it is the worlds fastest growing criminal industry.

The trade of human beings is worth $150 billion each year.

Up to 36 million people are in forced labour. Most are slaves working in factories, farms, construction or hospitality BUT the majority of others are sex slaves and just under a third are CHILDREN.

Australia is a destination country for people who have been trafficked.

After hearing some of the stories shared today at the Be Her Freedom event I choose to do something. I choose to be grateful for my freedom and help raise awareness of the real issue facing many women, children and men around the world – slavery! Can you imagine living life in that situation? Can you imagine the challenge of getting through every day scared, abused and enslaved? Can you believe only 1-2% of victims are ever rescued from these conditions?

Can we do something about this ? YES YES YES! Attend one of these events at and stay informed at

Lets talk about this issue. Its real, it’s wrong and awareness is the greatest agent for change.

x Carlie

PS: special mention to Katie Thompson who works tirelessly to bring awareness to this issue. Your work does not go unnoticed and you are an exceptional human being – congratulations darling!

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