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A Girls Guide to Going Nude

It started with a dress!


The Isla Bonita dress by Spell and The Gypsy Collective 

An exquisite little number don’t you think?

It was here that my first world dilemma began – what knickers do I wear with this sheer beauty?

Since then, I have embarked on a journey that will help us all. A journey into the isles of lingerie we thought we’d never go. A nude adventure of sorts. A girls guide to nude knickers!

Before I take you to Nanna knickerville, I should point out that wearing a slip under this dress was attempted but unsuccessful. A nude bandeau was my preferred upstairs option. It was downtown where the drama unfolded. So ladies, should you have your knickers in a nudie knot – STOP – this could clear things up before you end up with a whole draw full of nude undies that may never share an intimate moment with your lady land down under!

NUDIE NUMBER 1 – The Clio Cheekster – $7.00 – Big W


Boy leg bargain buy and a comfy little number 

My first attempt to wear the dress was with these little beauties. Super comfy fabric and at first it feels like you’re wearing nothing. SWEET! The cut covers enough of my curvy size 10 – 12 booty so I’m feeling confident. They take a cheeky ride to crack-town but not to the point where your picking your knickers out of your bum. HOWEVER they did bunch up a little and then looked bulky under the dress. I would size down in this style and brand.

NUDIE NUMBER 2 – Target Collection Seamfree Boy Shorts $20 for pack of 2

IMG_8143 (2).JPG

This shorty short offers short-term comfort

The fabric again is comfort factor 50 plus. As they are seamfree and soft you avoid the thigh bulge and muffin top. They look much better under the sheer white dress as you cannot see the underwear line. They feel fabulous until the legs start rolling up and then I felt like I was wearing some sci-fi costume worn by Penny Robinson in Lost In Space.

NUDIE NUMBER 3 – Bendon Seamfree High Waisted brief – $24.95

IMG_8146 (2).jpg

Screen shot from the Bendon website here as my Bendons are well-worn

Feels good to have a flat belly! I love this brief and wear it frequently as it isn’t too tight at the top. The only problem is they keep crawling up my butt. Exposing what looks like a g-string under my dress – not very sexy for a 40 plus woman walking thru Woolies! I will keep wearing my Bendons under garments that are NOT sheer.

NUDIE NUMBER 4 – Love and Lustre Brief – $22.95 – Ladybird Noosa 


The nude garment that makes you feel like you’re in the nude

So this garment doesn’t look so fab in the photograph but its the underwear you wear when you want to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. This treasure by Love and Lustre is seamless at the leg and waist so it just forms into your body shape with no VPL anywhere. The cut is not very sexy at the back but it’s also not visible. This is a great option for sheer garments AND firm fitting garments when you don’t want to wear a g-string.

So there we have it ladies – a look into my lady drawer – a review of the nudes!

What nude underwear do you wear with sheer garments? 

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